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It’s been 3 months since I left my comfort zone to start a new beginning, a new lifestyle to fulfill a dream of our own.

Seldom do I get excited about things and ideas people had told me. Be it how much money you can earn, how much fame you can get, I am just not excited at all. It is only when I heard of the idea of a Wedding themed Café that is designed specially for wedding couples, to meet up, discuss about their love story and weddings that strikes a chord in me.


This idea of a wedding café comes from no one else but my beloved wife who is always full of ideas. She had shared with me a lot of things she wanted to do but this one strike it well into my heart. It is something feasible and nice to have.

Wedding, Café and Coffee! Isn’t it fabulous?

Running a café of our own, providing wedding planning, photography and videography services to wedding couples, building a network of wedding vendors around the café making it a one-stop shop for wedding couples.

That’s OUR idea, OUR dream!


Ironically, right after I left my job, I did not immediately start this wedding café business. I went o to start something that I have to admit, an area that I have no experience and network to start off. Doing something that is practically not my area of expertise.

I look at myself, thinking of what I am good at, exploring the opportunities out there; Realizing going back to my core isn’t a bad idea. Starting something that solely belongs us makes it even more meaningful and motivated for us to do it.


Here I go, after going round the bush for a month, I start planning and executing the things required for the business. We decide to retain the name of the initial idea to call our company Vows Café: Weddings over Coffee. Though we might not have the initial capital to start a physical café, which in fact is our goal and dream to do it in 3-5 years time.

As a start, we will focus on building our core business in Wedding Photography, Videography and my wife’s favorites, Wedding Planning. All of a sudden, things that we have learnt during our undergraduate days started to get useful again. The special skill sets in storytelling is what make us different from others out there, fusing filmmaking and photography knowledge, creating a new unique way to paint a story.

Vows Cafe

On 2nd August 2013, we officially launch Vows Café: Photography, Videography and Wedding Planning services. At the point of writing this blog, Vows Café is still less than a month old. However, it seems that we have done a lot to kick-start the business. With this progress, we really do hope that in years to come our Wedding Café business will grow it into a MUST visit place for every wedding couples.

This is OUR dream, a BIG dream, a dream that can be made POSSIBLE!


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