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I have just embark on my 5th book on Financial Wealth. Guess what, a 4th book from AKLTG. This time round is the 2nd edition of the #1 National Best Seller Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Adam Khoo.

I have only finish section 1 of the book and here is what I have learnt:

Seven Steps to Financial Abundance

  1. A Millionaire Mindset (Sees every problem as an opportunity)
  2. Setting Financial Goals
  3. Creating a Financial Plan
  4. Increase Income Massively
  5. Manage you Money & Reduce Expenses
  6. Grow your Wealth
  7. Protect your Wealth

9 Traits of a Millionaire

  1. Always Exceed Expectation
  2. Be Proactive
  3. Take 100% Responsibility
  4. Delayed Gratification
  5. Do What You Love
  6. Acting with Integrity
  7. Be 100% Committed
  8. Ability to turn Failure to Success
  9. Respect & Love Money

These are really good points for me in terms of managing my wealth as well as being a person at work. The 9 traits of a millionaire can be effectively apply to a person working behavior and his/her attitude towards things. A good reflection of my current state and guess I have a lot of adjustment to do towards my mentality in doing things. A good lesson learnt!


2014 New Year Resolutions

"Enjoy what you love doing and makes a living out of it."

Personal Developement

- Learn to Sell

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- Sipadan, Sabah
- Bangkok, Thailand



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