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Finally, I have gone for my year-end break to Hong Kong. This was my virgin trip to Hong Kong and it was a nice to visit with my wife and in-laws. Spent my 29th birthday in a magical world of Disneyland.

Gone to some of the tourist spot that was filmed on Running Man! It was really nice exploring Hong Kong. Thought it does give me a Singapore “feel” the weather is one of the best thing I would miss.

The best thing in Hong Kong itself is that I had an opportunity to visit my wife great Aunt who is staying there. Visited their apartment and experience their “Yam Cha” culture.

Last but not least the shopping and the delicious Dim Sum and Roasted Meat. That is something that Singapore can’t beat them. In Hong Kong, it’s not only cheap but also delicious!

This marks my last big trip in 2012. Looking forward to next year plans and more big trips coming up. 🙂


Time flies and I’m half way through for year 2012. For the goals and objective listed, I am almost 70% there. However, there is still some way to go to make the remaining 30% fulfilling.

Nevertheless, some new goals and achievements did spring out in the first half of the year. It was really great that I have gotten my Scuba Basic Open Water Course certification. Yes! I’m now able to dive now! Also, I’m already working towards the advance course hopefully in Sept/Oct this year.

The best thing is I have gotten it together with my wife so we can actually go dive when we go for an overseas short trip that has a great dive spots!

Right after I gotten my license, my wife and I gone for a leisure dive in Bali. Just happen that we have pre-plan our Bali rip we make use of this opportunity to go for a dive. It was a great Wreak Dive at the U.S Liberty and Cliff Dive near the coastal stretch.

It’s the first time we gone to Bali and a relaxing one. Unfortunately, things there are not cheap and too touristy. Nevertheless, we still enjoy this trip very much. Shopping, Diving, Cycling, SPA… What more can I ask for… 🙂

OK! Last item strike off from my Wishlist! The night after I proposed, we flew off to South Korea! Seoul to Jeju back to Seoul… A long 12 days breakaway from work and family. Pre Honeymoon I should say… really amazing to visit South Korea especially Jeju that was recently names of the 7 wonders of the world! Cool Indeed.

It’s been 7 years since we again touch down at Broneo Island. The last time was in Brunei going through of Jungle Confidence Course. Now, we went on to conquer South East Asia highest point, Mt. Kinabalu.

It was a great experience to embark on this trip with the Charlie Platoon 2 guys and some new friends. It not only brings back memories of our army days but also again to test of our mental strength and endurance.

It’s been a great trip with laughter, new stories and new comrades spirits forged. It is not an easy climb as my friend had gone through. We experience the worst condition we can have. Rain for the day we climbing up to the summit make the condition worst. Nevertheless, we endure and keep on moving. Though not all of us reach the peak, we are still able to leave the place with great memories.

It was once in a lifetime experience and I feel stronger mentally and physically. Never really prepare for the trip, however manage to reach the peak in time. It’s all in the mind. I just wanted to reach the highest point. That’s all I wanted.

Thanks to my buddy Kelvin and Boon for making this trip possible. Not forgetting the rest that contribute to these great memories we had. Weiyue, Jeffery, Winston, Crono, Vincent, Peiqi, Honey, Lai San, Cass and My Dear who gave me a surprise at the peak. 🙂

We Came, We Saw, We Conquer…
South East Asia Highest Point, 8.73km, 4095.2 Ft above Sea Level

Last day in KL, it has been a good long 12 days working in Malaysia. Working in KL time flies faster than I thought. Before I realize, it is time for lunch, after lunch you will realize it is end of the day work. It is nice to have good KL colleagues to bring me around for lunch and dinner. At least, as the day goes by, I know where to find food even late in the night.

Other than working on some business project testing, I manage to find some time to roam around KL.  I went to the shopping district, which I have been 4 years ago when I came with my OCS buddies. Though that time I don’t really know what the places are, but at least when I revisit these places, it brings back memories…

Also not to forget that I gone to Genting since I last went 17 years ago… My first time watching movie alone, my first time stepping into a casino and first time donating money to the casino… haha…

To stay here longer, yes if I have more time to myself. Due to the fact that I am here on a tight dateline trying to finish up the testing for our new product, I did not really have much time to myself. It is only on weekends that I really do enjoy myself by exploring KL. Nevertheless, my mind still tells me that I am here for work not holiday, so kind of the mind did not really switch to a relax holiday mode.

1 more hour before I check out of the marvelous Sheraton Hotel. For me at least, this is the best hotel I have ever stayed in. 5 star service and experience I should say. A start to my career in a new field and I’m happy with my life now but would not stop to achieve more.

Good Bye Malaysia, I am coming back Singapore!!!

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