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Did a test at The Big 5 Personality Test. Nice! Simple and Fun.

I’m a O7-C89-E42-A50-N32 Big Five!!


Been lazing around for quite some time after NDP…. Went for an oversea trip to Korea, playing games at home, completed 3 game to be exact, watching movies, many movies and spent time with my dear…

Other then these I am still waiting for a job offer. Never feel so loss before. I never had imagine finding a fulltime job that hard… Am I too picky? Or am I not sure what I want to do? Film have been a disaster for me… I might have interest in film and like to watch film… but come to doing, it’s not my cup of tea. Tried going back to web design, kind of find somewhere I belong to but I feel no job satisfaction in it… drive loss… passion loss…

Guess I kind of really looking for some new to start a fresh. Even if it does not relate to what I study… As long I can make use of my degree to get a job, I believe it have serve its purposes… Just like when I work hard in secondary school to get into a course I want in poly… I need a fresh start, a new start, a new challenge…


Finally I have graduate from university… The very first batch of Fine Art Degree in Singapore… Sound good? First! Pioneer! … However, that does not really mean anything to me…

Though now I am officially considered as a degree holder… I feel like going all over again and take up a Degree in Finance… A sudden surge in interests in that field… Don’t know whether it is on impulse or what… Nevertheless, I can’t do it anymore… I need to work and earn money!!!

Arts, Media & Design is fun and interesting to learn, however, when it comes to finding a job in this industry, the job kind of doesn’t suits me… Jobs in the creative media are mostly insecure and do not provide a good and stable income. Yes, I agree that in all areas there bound to have money to be made, but just that the lifestyle of a media person is not what I am looking for. A need to work on weekends, sometimes irregular working hours… worse comes to worse, creatively, you are bound by strict rules and regulation…. After my experience in NDP, seems that everyone wants to be a director and everyone one wanted to have a say… Politics, Self-interest and taking media creator in Singapore for granted…

Someone told me before that as a pioneer batch we should be the one to set the path for our juniors and to build a brighter future in this media industry… Frankly speaking, I do not want to be the person or get involved… Yes, I might be doing something great to the local industry, but in the end… what do I get in return? Fame? Recognition? Or $$$$? I am practical… I am looking for money to be made…

Before money can come into my pocket, I ask myself what’s makes the money come? To be good in what you do… Yes, it’s that simple. Now I ask myself again, what am I good at? The answer is anything I am interested in and I am willingly to work hard to achieve it, I will be good at it as times goes by… So does it means I should still stay in the media industry? Confusing!!!


At least… I found her… sometimes I wonder if it is the reason for me to take my Arts Degree… lol~


Though my Mum is not here with me to witness it, I do really hope she will be able to see it somewhere up there and give me her blessing… I really need that extra push to motivate me to move on… I have not feel this lost before…

Seems that this few years I have come to a point that there are no U-turn in things I do… The path ahead of me is straight… I have to really brace myself and continue to move on… Now it really boils down to what I wanted or I can imagine myself doing in the future… Which career lifestyle suits me best… In media? Or in Finance? This is a very important phase of my life and a big decision to be made… No one else can help me… I need to find out myself… 4 month is all I give myself… (Yeah… 4mth in Army for me to think and reflect)… I hope to find this answer… There is no U-Turn… I need to overcome… I have done it before and I will be able to do it again!!!

I am given a choice to choose my path when I first hit the Y junction. I totally ignore the right path and took on the left path believing it might lead me to a better future. However, after walking along the path for quite some time I realize that I might have made a wrong decision. I decided to bash through the thick vegetation hoping to get to the other side to take back the path I did not choose.

This is where I am now, trying to bash through the thick vegetation and getting lost and confuse about the surrounding at times. Am I heading the right way? Is the other path really meant for me? Or am I just being greedy and flicker minded? At times, feeling that I should just turn back, but now I am stuck in the middle totally lost. What to do? I guess the only way out is to just keep walking… walk where I don’t know… for how long, I don’t know. I might end up back in the path I last took.

I really need a map and compass to guide me through…

Back to civilian life again, wear CV everyday, OTOT. I am officially posted to Marina to help out in the multimedia team to work on the post production footages. Trying to set up my laptop so tat I can edit on it, it took me a full day just to set up due to the new format I am working on.

Save money on food since SAF provides but KFC and PIZZA HUT for lunch and dinner gonna make me fat. Super unhealthy… Poor guys who have been working there for months already. Hope the S4 can do something to the meals.

Well this year NDP will be another interesting event as alot of new things is coming up. CONFIDENTIAL. I guess I better keep this information to myself for the time being until the media briefs comments.

Sometimes life is funny, when you are trying to stop and move on to other stuff, the opportunity for the things you are going to put away kept coming up. Well I guess I need to really keep my mind and option opens till I land my first FULL TIME job. Keeping my options open…

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