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Ok. This morning when through the internet and found a solution to revive my iPhone. Lucky, I check online, or else I will be wasting my trip down to the service centre at somerset. It is a common problem of receiving call and sensor error… some kind of bug… very confusing… but anyway… at least I got it working again. My Dear bought me a Christmas gift for me yesterday… Guess what, accessories for my iPhone, a one whole set of screen protector and clear Crystal casing… Nice… Thanks dear… sorry for everything I did to you yesterday… 🙂

Anyway, had a sumptuous WRAP Party Dinner with my crew and friends yesterday at Bugis follow by after a drink at BREKO. Really thanks them for their help and support during the production shoot. Thanks!!!

–> WRAP Party Photos and FYP Project Productions Stills


Finally finish Michael’s FYP shoot. It is a really good experience shooting for Michael FYP. He is really a good director in terms of his story and manipulating the emotions of his audience. I can feel that this short film is gonna push him further in producing better works in the future. As for me, I am happy with the end result of the shoot. Not 100% good but on an average, I manage to get the visual and mood needed for the short film. Good! Guess camera works might be the way for me after I graduate.

Well, now the next hurdle is my own short film commencing next Thursday. No feel for the moment. No excitement nor nervousness in me. Just simply no direction after my FYP shoot. So what if I finish this short film, I might not want to be a director. I don’t feel a sense of telling a story, except for the documentary and short film that was made mostly because of my mum.

Should I just be a grip and slowly work my way up to a Cinematographer? Or should I pursue in making more films? I hate to live my life without directions… however, sometimes how I hope I can ignore other things and live life to the fullest on my own… doing anything I feel like doing no need to worry about anything… YES! ANYTHING! Seems that I have too much responsibility on my shoulder which I can’t afford to let go, I can’t be selfish… what should I do?

Sometimes I really feel like going oversea and explore, best if I could work in other countiry film industry and make a name for myself. Earning enough to feed myself and enjoy life… no need to stress myself with any other stuff… live a carefree life… travel around as I like… making friends around the world… by then I might in my late 30s… maybe then I will think of returning to Singapore to settle down… Well this are just dreams and I meant it. Dreams that will never become real, because I still have a family to take care of to a certain extend.

Enough of my random ranting… I just need to know I have to finish my short film whatever it takes… Hopes that opportunity will come to lead me my way… I hate uncertainties… but that’s life…


Finally completed my 2nd documentary about Funeral Directors and the business model behind it. The idea came to me 1 year ago as my FYP project but in the end I use it for my documentary lesson. Well, frankly, this documentary have a lot more room for improvement and exploration if times really permits. However, due to my heavy workload and preparation for my FYP short film, I did not manage to explore more. It is also quite sensitive to get access to shoot such topic regarding death and funerals.

Link to the Trailer.

The Great Shootout!!! Not a penalty shootout or anything related to soccer. It is the shoot out of different HD camera in the market. It is really educational to see the results of the different HD available in the market. In total 7 HD camerea is put to the test… Fruit Basket, Skin tone, Candlelight, Outdoor and Green Screen. In my own opinion and judgement, here are the short reviews for the camreas…

This 35mm camera is awesome which performs well in all kind of condition and situation. 35mm is solid and no Digital HD camera can suppress it. You are still the champion

The RED 4K HD camera is really fantastic. Everyone in the industry is talking about it. No doubt it creates a smooth and clean look on screen. However, One should take care of the dark areas as it does not provide much details. Guess this are some common problem in Digital Camcorder. It ranks 2nd in my opinion.

3. Canon H1 on WAFIAN
A dark horse that shines among the big brothers. The image created is clean and nice. The only thing is that the highlight is not that stable. Easily burn. If the highlight and the whites are well controlled, WAFIAN can be a goo choice for lower budget shoots. 3rd in place

The rest of the 4 camera I did not really ranked them but here are some short reviews.

Panasonic Ag-HPX502
Well it provides a very warm look to the image. Nothing impressive compare to the rest.

Panasonic Ag-HVX202 with Letus Extreme Adaptor
Cool stuff. Used it before with the Adaptor. It really do create a film look to the image. However, compare to the rest of the power mama camera it lost out a lot in dark scene. In the outdoor shoot, it really shows it’s capability. The camera and Adapter together is consider much much cheaper then the rest of the HD camera. For a low budget shoot, this is the man! 

ARRIFLEX 16mm SR3 Advanced
Can’t judge. Some problem with the dark scene. Too grainy. However, it works well in the outdoor shoot.

SONY HDW F900R with Pro35 PS Technik
Can’t Judge. Focus Problem with the PS Technik.

Started intership at 360 production house on 5th May. It had only been a week, yet I gone thru pre-production and 4 days production phase. It is good to work with the people in 360 and also the boss is quite a friendly and approachable. He even encourage ask to ask him question and things if time permits. working schedule is very flexible as long u get work done. Cool indeed!

Well, just finish the 4th Episode of a 10 part Episode docu-drama. Though not fully involved in the pre-production plan, we actually help out in what ever we can and especially the 4 days production shoot. Frankly speaking, the production shoot is tiring, there is less crew in a docu-drama compare to feature film, each person takes on multi roles and worst is that I am down on a flu… a flu that I have been controlling and avoiding during the semester.

However, is good that I manage to work thru out the 4 days and really learn a lot i terms of camera works, lighting and directing… It is lucky for me to know the professionals from the industry. They are really nice people and is good for me, a newbie to start off learning from nice people rather then those bad tempered and mean one. It is really nice meeting and working with them. Young, energetic UNCLES! Haha…

Yeah, tml off day! I gonna sleep enough and get back my energy!!!

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