It’s been a surreal feeling from the day I tender my resignation till the day I’m actually venturing on my own, doing things I always wanted to do, trading and setting an eCommerce site. Out of a sudden, this two to do list surfaced to trigger me from weighing the cost of leaving my job to fulfill my dreams.

It’s hard to leave a good company, a good boss and good team that has provide me the career development and basic financial needs to start a family and venture on my own. I am really thankful to them though I did not specially show it.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at PM 11.53.29

Till the last day of work, I am totally lost and felt emotionless to everything that was going around me; From the exit clearance to the farewell calls and finally the farewell dinner and gifts from my boss. I thank them for the last farewell and wishes for my futures endeavors.

2013-05-31 23.17.06

From now on, I will put my heart and soul in my trading and eCommerce business. Regardless the results of the effort going to be poured into running my own business, I will have no regret taking this step. I can accept failure but not failing to try. It will be an exciting and daunting emotional and physical roller coaster ahead of me, I’m ready and ready to fly!