2012 was a wonderful year to start and end with. There are a number of key highlights in terms of personal life and work. Starting with…

  1. Marrying my beloved wife and officially bind by law as husband and wide. 🙂
  2. Launching the very first mobile app for CIMB Bank. Embark on this project in 2010 and had finally gone live this year.
  3. Taking my Basic Open Water Course. Yes! I’m finally able to dive and explore the underwater world.
  4. Visiting Bali for the very first time indulging in the beach and spas in that area. Not forgetting my very first experience in Ship Wreak and Cliff Dive! 😀
  5. Not forgetting about the numerous wedding and proposal from the bros in arms. Glad to be part of their celebration to become husband and wife. Pangren, Boon, Vincent, Felice, Dekun and many more to come.
  6. A fun day at Universal Studio and Legoland with family and friends! Themed Parks are really a nice place to indulge yourself in a magical wonderful world!
  7. Spending my birthday with my wife and family in the magical world of Disneyland in Hong Kong!
  8. Launching the new Token for CIMB Bank mandated by MAS.
  9. Spending a great time with friends in the yearly White Elephant Christmas Party and OCS Christmas gathering.
  10. Lastly, making new friends along the way while creating all those wonderful memories. 2012 flies. 2013 will be an important breakthrough for me. All the best! 🙂