Finally, I have gone for my year-end break to Hong Kong. This was my virgin trip to Hong Kong and it was a nice to visit with my wife and in-laws. Spent my 29th birthday in a magical world of Disneyland.

Gone to some of the tourist spot that was filmed on Running Man! It was really nice exploring Hong Kong. Thought it does give me a Singapore “feel” the weather is one of the best thing I would miss.

The best thing in Hong Kong itself is that I had an opportunity to visit my wife great Aunt who is staying there. Visited their apartment and experience their “Yam Cha” culture.

Last but not least the shopping and the delicious Dim Sum and Roasted Meat. That is something that Singapore can’t beat them. In Hong Kong, it’s not only cheap but also delicious!

This marks my last big trip in 2012. Looking forward to next year plans and more big trips coming up. 🙂