Time flies and I’m half way through for year 2012. For the goals and objective listed, I am almost 70% there. However, there is still some way to go to make the remaining 30% fulfilling.

Nevertheless, some new goals and achievements did spring out in the first half of the year. It was really great that I have gotten my Scuba Basic Open Water Course certification. Yes! I’m now able to dive now! Also, I’m already working towards the advance course hopefully in Sept/Oct this year.

The best thing is I have gotten it together with my wife so we can actually go dive when we go for an overseas short trip that has a great dive spots!

Right after I gotten my license, my wife and I gone for a leisure dive in Bali. Just happen that we have pre-plan our Bali rip we make use of this opportunity to go for a dive. It was a great Wreak Dive at the U.S Liberty and Cliff Dive near the coastal stretch.

It’s the first time we gone to Bali and a relaxing one. Unfortunately, things there are not cheap and too touristy. Nevertheless, we still enjoy this trip very much. Shopping, Diving, Cycling, SPA… What more can I ask for… 🙂