Year 2011 was really a fast and fulfilling year. From work to studies to personal life I have achieve a great deal of things.


Got confirmed and promoted early this year, which gives me an assurance that I have made the right decision staying in CIMB Bank. I have a very good boss and colleagues around me that make me feel so bless happy working in the bank. Various projects have also trained and mould me to think more as a business owner and thinking from a wider perspective. It is a wonderful year, which I learnt a lot from my peers and myself.


Manage to perform self-study through Internet resources on a daily basis and at work. Have taken an extra mile to brush up my English and Excel skills. Not forgetting getting myself in sync with the technology and trend of social media and ecommerce space. Tried to start an online shop with my dear, though it is not moving as expected, at least it gives us some form of idea and experience how to run an online shop. Next year going to make it better.


Adopted a healthy lifestyle by kicking away a number of bad habits. Manage to get silver for my IPPT, which is quite an achievement for me. Also, to conquer Mount Kinabalu and explore South Korea once more makes my travel trip amazing.

In summary, 2011 has been a good year for me where everything goes slow and steady. Not forgetting that I have also made my proposal to the one that I would like to live with for the rest of my life. 🙂

2012 will be a better year as more goals and objective are going to be set for myself to achieve. 🙂