It has been a long 5 years 2 months and 12 days that I have decided to propose to her… 🙂

It was a long plan that took me 4 months to plan, from the Korea Trip, to the highly challenging Blue Sapphire ring (thanks to the royal couple for their idea) and the boxes of surprises.

Of Course, she agreed and says “Yes”! Eagerly wanting to put on the ring rather then appreciate the birthday gift I gave her. Well, at least she really do love it. I love her with my whole heart and promise to take care of her for the rest of my life. 🙂

8th August 2007 – The day we get together…
21st October 2011 – The day you say “Yes!”
7th January 2012 – The day we lawfully married as husband and wife… till the end.