Finally, after 3 failures and some complaints, we got my queue no. for a flat selection. We are overwhelmed! Queue no. 130 out of 320. So, on the 29th July, both of us took off to select our flat. On the day itself, we make our final selection and selcted our desired unit. We are very happy and proud to become the owner of a place we call home. 🙂

Never had imagine myself at this stage in my life buying my own house and building my own family. Of course, it will comes with a 30 year loan and the start of the “true” rat race. Well, everything comes with a cost. You gain some you lose some. You might be tired and working hard in the rat race but at the end of the day, you do really want to have a good time with your family. Personally, family comes first and and will work hard for them. Hopefully, this will not be the most expensive I will be purchasing… more to come in years to come. 😀