On 15th April, 1630hrs, I went through the first ops of my life, an operation to my eyes. I have been a spectacle since 10 years old. Been a good 17years of my life on specs and contact lens. Finally it’s time to say goodbye to them…

Gone for my second review and was tested a 6/6 eyesight and my astigmatism has drop down to 0. It’s perfect! A long lost vision that I miss.

Only 2 weeks had pass since my ops, so there is still a long way to go before my eyesight stabilize and recovers fully. I truly cherish this new vision and really serious of taking good care of it.

Come to think of it, it is quite childish of me to want to wear specs when I was a kid. I purposely strand my eyes so that I can visit the optical shop to buy a pair of specs. To go through the process of choosing frame then perform eye test and finally wearing them make me feel excited. However, it is only till later stage that I finds it troublesome especially so when I am more involves in sports and outdoor activities.

Yeah! Hello! My new reborn vision! Bye Specs and Contact Lens! Thanks for your aid for the last 17+ years. Anyway, it is also fated that I broke my specs on the day before the ops. Haha… 🙂