It’s been 7 years since we again touch down at Broneo Island. The last time was in Brunei going through of Jungle Confidence Course. Now, we went on to conquer South East Asia highest point, Mt. Kinabalu.

It was a great experience to embark on this trip with the Charlie Platoon 2 guys and some new friends. It not only brings back memories of our army days but also again to test of our mental strength and endurance.

It’s been a great trip with laughter, new stories and new comrades spirits forged. It is not an easy climb as my friend had gone through. We experience the worst condition we can have. Rain for the day we climbing up to the summit make the condition worst. Nevertheless, we endure and keep on moving. Though not all of us reach the peak, we are still able to leave the place with great memories.

It was once in a lifetime experience and I feel stronger mentally and physically. Never really prepare for the trip, however manage to reach the peak in time. It’s all in the mind. I just wanted to reach the highest point. That’s all I wanted.

Thanks to my buddy Kelvin and Boon for making this trip possible. Not forgetting the rest that contribute to these great memories we had. Weiyue, Jeffery, Winston, Crono, Vincent, Peiqi, Honey, Lai San, Cass and My Dear who gave me a surprise at the peak. 🙂

We Came, We Saw, We Conquer…
South East Asia Highest Point, 8.73km, 4095.2 Ft above Sea Level