2010 was a great year to begin and end with. Got my first job, got my first credit card, got the ability to help out with family expenses, taking up much more responsibility then before. Guess I always wanted to be financially independent from my parents. Now that I do, I am really glad.

Able to spent quality time with my loves one is also another good things that had happen this year. Having the ability to treat them for lunch and dinner is kind of a blessing. This is especially so when everyone are busy with their own work.

Year 2011 is going to be an exciting one as there are new plans for Study, Work and Play.

  • To learn about online marketing, investment and entrepreneurship.
  • To bring my career to the next level.
  • To generate 2 stream of passive income.
  • To spent more quality time with loves ones and friends.

Good Bye 2010. You have been great! Welcome 2011. I know you can do better!