Been 2 year plus since I graduated… 2 years ago, I make a decision to move on to another industry to seek for more wealth. What have fill my mind is the greed for more money. That’s why I moved into the financial sector hoping to be one of the high income earner, earning 5 digit sum a month. However, reality has hit me along the way. Not everyone can be there, some even work for years before they get to where they are…

Keep thinking what I really want and what I have done to my life… How much time and money I have wasted achieving something not meant for me… Too much doubts… Too much confusion… So Lost in the urban jungle…

It is sometimes good just to take a break… get away from the urban jungle… go somewhere quiet and calm… Give yourself time to reflect the things you have done life… Then you may just find some answer to the question you have always face in your heart and soul.

I did that… not sure whether is it an illusion or reality… I seems to see things from a different perspective as before. I finally find the things excites me then working in a money making entity that offers me good and stable pay.

Thinking back, what happens, happens for a reason… After going through 7 years of media education in school and at work, I am geared towards an area that I know I can excel. It is now up to me to find something there and start things. Start small and eventually grow it. Can’t gave any concrete writing or thoughts of what is going through my mind, but I know I am heading in the right direction. Just gonna endure and move forward and hope the end of the tunnel comes. When it comes, hope that it will bring me another to another level for me to excel.

I always believe with great wealth there bound to be sacrifices, therefore I wanna strike a balance life and work. I think I have found what I have initially started with and I wanted to work towards it. Not only to enrich my life but also to influence the people around me. 🙂