It’s been a while since my last entry… Still remember that after coming back from KL, I was so busy with the overwhelming work that are coming in… Good that now I can loosen up a bit and think of my career, new plans and how to improve our  business units.

Everyone suits a different job. Sometimes you might not get the chance to work in an area you wanted, even if you get it, it might not suits the person. Sometimes being in an area that you never imagine you will be in and yet able to perform, might not be a bad thing at all.

One of my colleague have been very good in thinking and thinking deep. After talking to him kind of open up my mind, open up my horizon that I can do much more then just fixing bugs, testing and handling offices and vendors relationship. The business perspective of our business units and how we can develop to help grow the business and support the front liners… this part is really interesting and makes me feel proud to be in this position, as a true Business Analyst.

Well, my 1 year contract is going to be up soon, I really do hope that my effort for the past 1 year will be rewarded from my conversion. People advise me to talk to my boss, but I kind of trust him that he will give me the best he could. I know how much effort I have put into my work, unknowingly motivated to work in an area that I never imagine  would work in. The more I am into it, I feel that I am getting a hang of it. Maybe this is what I call working in an area that suits me best yet I never imagine I would want to work in.

Really looking forward to my full-time package. To be fair to myself, I am going to voice out my expectation to my boss and hope that the company could do something about it. Hope that things goes well as I am really happy with my boss, colleagues and working environment. It will be a good platform for me to learn more about banking and the art of business management. However, if indeed things does not goes well as expected, I guess at least it will be a good reason for me to move on and try on something else.