Last day in KL, it has been a good long 12 days working in Malaysia. Working in KL time flies faster than I thought. Before I realize, it is time for lunch, after lunch you will realize it is end of the day work. It is nice to have good KL colleagues to bring me around for lunch and dinner. At least, as the day goes by, I know where to find food even late in the night.

Other than working on some business project testing, I manage to find some time to roam around KL.  I went to the shopping district, which I have been 4 years ago when I came with my OCS buddies. Though that time I don’t really know what the places are, but at least when I revisit these places, it brings back memories…

Also not to forget that I gone to Genting since I last went 17 years ago… My first time watching movie alone, my first time stepping into a casino and first time donating money to the casino… haha…

To stay here longer, yes if I have more time to myself. Due to the fact that I am here on a tight dateline trying to finish up the testing for our new product, I did not really have much time to myself. It is only on weekends that I really do enjoy myself by exploring KL. Nevertheless, my mind still tells me that I am here for work not holiday, so kind of the mind did not really switch to a relax holiday mode.

1 more hour before I check out of the marvelous Sheraton Hotel. For me at least, this is the best hotel I have ever stayed in. 5 star service and experience I should say. A start to my career in a new field and I’m happy with my life now but would not stop to achieve more.

Good Bye Malaysia, I am coming back Singapore!!!