It has been 2 days in KL. Going to work in the day and back to the hotel at night. It was a virgin experience to go on a business trip and stay in such high-class hotel. Never in my life I would imagine I could experience such wonderful working benefits. Now that I am n a business trip, kind of act like a professional in the way I eat, behave and potray in the hotel and at work.

To be frank, working now in KL is no easier then working in Singapore. Longer working hours and pressure as there are dateline to be met.

Things have been great so far for my job. Not sure, is this a good sign or signal for me to stay on. Talk to my colleague about career and what is enough in life.

She asked me, what is enough for you?

I answered, as long I am living a life above the average Singaporean, I will be content. Also to semi-retire at the age of 50 and enjoy life and no financial worries. That is what I call a minimum and enough.

I guess wealth must come together with relationship (families & friends) so that one can share the wealth and happiness with them. No point having the world to yourself and no one to share with.

Anyway, there’s a lot of time for me to explore and reflect here in KL. At night, with my laptop beside me… a plate of dessert accompany with fresh fruit juice… reading my books… looking out to the starry night… enjoying the music… things runs through my mind like the water flowing through streams… what a wonderful and unforgettable experience I have now in KL… 🙂