Finally, passed my CMFAS 1A exam on my 3rd attempt. I think I have underestimate the difficulty for M1A paper, not as easy as I thought. Nevertheless, it give me a good start as how the other exams is going to be. At least, I am now more mentally prepared and know what to expect. Next hurdle, M6, heard that is tough especially when I don’t have any financial background, I have to take this module. No exemption for me.

To be frank, not sure in the end will I use this 2 paper to move into the trading field. Kind of enjoying and feeling comfortable about my current job. Will see how things goes… If there is a better offer and opportunity for me to move on before my contract ends and , I will most probably do so. Else, I will continue to work at my current job, probably for another 6 months before I decided to move on again… No one know what will happen next, will see how things go and in the mean time get myself prepared for anything opportunity that will arise. 🙂