Been thinking through for the past few weeks on how can I improve myself and make myself more marketable. No point telling people I am interested in Trading and Investment and yet nothing is done. Now that I am kind of comfortable with my current job and working hours, I believe it is time that I can fully utilize my time by working and studying at the same time.

I am going to embark on a work-study plan from now till June next year. Approximately 1 year period for me to fully get my foot into the financial world. I’m not sure whether all this certification will land me my desired job in dealing/trading, but for sure it is gonna make me a better and well verse person in the financial industry. It will be tough but I believe I can do it! I feel so excited and ready to excel and overcome!

Year 2010
April to May – CFMAS Module 1A
June to August – CFMAS Module 6

Year 2011
Jan to June – CFA Level I