Been 4 months at work… Losing steam and focus… Not sure whether is this the path for me… Even if opportunities are there, working environment good, boss is always supportive, it does not mean I should just take it and make it as my career. However, come to think of it, how many people are actually doing what they love? Are are they being lazy or afraid of getting out from their comfort zone? Or am I being greedy and wants much more in life? I am confuse… Nevertheless, I believe one can only be at their best when they are doing something they like where they are ready to commit. that’s for sure… But, problem is, I can’t see it in myself at my current job…

“知足常乐” – This is a Chinese word that I have been seeing for the few weeks. From a calligraphy writing I saw during an interview, to one of my friend mentioning it and seeing this word again while I was in Malaysia. Oh my… It just struck my mind that one need to be content with what they want in order to enjoy from it. No point fighting so hard and in the end does not have a chance to enjoy it.

I can say I am content and happy with what I have now. However, I believe I can do much more and achieve much more in life. I believe I need to really plan ahead and strive towards another level in my career. To leave my comfort zone and strive for better things in life. I know where I wanted to achieve in my career and I have a goal and ambition in mind. Will need to work towards it, slow and steady, no point rushing into it.

I will commit myself to at least 6 month at my current job. After which I will start looking for opportunities. In the mean time I am planning to pass my CFMAS Module 1A & 6 examinations by end of May. The very first step towards what I wanted to do. No point saying what I like and not asking any action. Let’s add the first item into my Goals for this year 2010. I know I can do it! Jia You!