Been at work for almost 3 months… It has been a wonderful time at work. Especially so with a super nice boss and a super nice colleague of mine. I’m glad to know her, however sad to say that she is leaving for a better opportunity. Well people come and go, nothing to complaint about. Anyway, I will still have chance to meet her as she’s now the girlfriend of my OCS mates! LOL~~~ It is really sweet and nice to see both of them get together. I did not do much, but did play a small part in getting them to know each other… It is a long story… Nevertheless, I really wishes both of them all the best! God Bless Them! 🙂

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year. However, the mood does not seems to be as good as Christmas, New Year or even last year Chinese New Year… Is it me or is it really that bad? I’m not sure. Nevertheless, Tiger year suppose to be a good year for Pigs. I’m gonna work hard and hope to get a job where my interest lies. Rather then waiting for opportunity, I am gonna create it myself.

After Chinese New Year, new colleague gonna join our Retail Banking department. I am gonna change my working area. Since Janice is no more around, it is better I move to somewhere where I feel comfortable working in. Lucky for me, I am now going to sit beside the investment team. Haha, there’s my chance to know more about investment and listen to their market talk every morning! Cool~!

Well no matter what happens, this year is the year to make it or break it.


I sincerely wishes my family and friends a very Happy Lunar New Year!