Well 2 things that makes me feels good recently. First of all, I finally get the recognition form the hard work my team and I has put in y Final Year Project Short Film. Really glad to receive the notice that it had been nominated as the short film finalist for the coming SMU Film Festival. What makes it better is that at the same time my film was nominated for Best Editing in our local very 1st Singapore Short Film Awards. A mini Oscar for Singapore short films. Though I might not have a chance of winning, being nominated and able to let more people see my film, I am already very happy…

Next, of course is my work performance. Been hearing compliments from my colleagues. That kind of brightens up my day. However, I am always challenging and setting high expectation for myself. I believe that is the way to improve. I glad my effort has been recognized. However, this is just the start, which I feel is always easy. There are more to come definitely and one day I will face my big obstacle.

Nevertheless, mentally I am always Ready… Ready to Work towards my Goals! 加油!钱进我口袋!哈哈!