The Found of a Republic by Huang Jianxin & Han Sanping

A nice movie about the History of China on how Mr Mao from the Communist Party and Mr Jiang from KMT fight against each other in an internal war before China become as one. TO me, it is kind of buyers against the Communist Party. Still remember studying into the China film history where Mr Mao restrict the right wing film and only allow propaganda film in China. This film can be one of it as well. I believe there is more then the noble truth of Mr Mao reign. To rule a country one must be cruel enough to make sacrifices. China will like it, but I doubt the Taiwanese will agree to it. One thing for sure, a lot of superstar casting as calefare… haha… those Chinese, Hongkong actors is almost all in it. Name them you will see them somewhere in the film.

My Verdict: 3.8/5 (Good casting and production value)