Alright, it is a bit late to update my new year resolution, but been very busy for the last 3 weeks with work. Especially so when my boss was on leave. Anyway, been watching a lot of movies recently. Been going for a number of gathering as well. It is really nice to meet up with friends at the end of the year to catch up with them. Now that I have start working, it is good that I start to know more people as well…

As for my New Year Resolution, I bet will be the same as last year. Though I did make some progress to go for running event and workout, but still I am slacking most of the time. Striving towards my career, Yes, will be the main thing I am going to focus. Will really work hard and get myself to where I wanted to go. To really start working in the area I am interested in. At the same time, I have also plans to further develop myself in the financial sector, maybe taking on some certification. Well, that will be next year, as I would want to give myself sometime to settle down and get used to the new corporate environment.

This year, I feels good about myself, especially so after rounding up my mum’s death ritual. It is going to be an important year for me. Gonna work hard to move into the area I always wanted to be in. Wish me luck! 2010, Here I come!!!