Been 2 weeks at work. It has been a great experience in the banking sector. Colleagues are nice and my boss is exceptional. Hope that it will be a good start for my career in the financial field. Everyday is a really good learning experience for me and times do flies fast everyday.

Yesterday was a great night hanging out with my OCS platoon mate. It is great to meet up, catch up with each other progress and drinking along the way in a nice cosy hotel room. Well, it is of course none other then Weiyue’s bachelor night. Plenty of stupid drinking games, purpose is to let Weiyue drink and puke. Haha… Everyone has fun.

From our conversation, I can feel that everyone has mature and grown over the years since we last know each other in OCS. Now, our topics are about buying houses, marriage, having kids, our career… things just change so much. Glad to see and know that everyone is doing really well and moving own to another stage in life. I can imagine when we all get married and have our own family, we will have a lot more topic to talk about… 🙂