Been very free recently, waiting for calls for interview… Keep updating my blog… keep watching movies… Haha… Finally I got to watch this classic war movie… Platoon by Oliver Stone… It is such a cool movie made in 1986… Got a chacne to see the young look of some of the reknown actors… William Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, john Mcginley… Best of all is Johnny Depp… I knew he was casted in the film but I cannot spot him!!!! Cos he is damn young and you can’t recognise him… og my god… did he go korea for a face lift? Nevertheless this is a good classic war film about U.S and Vietnam. The other film that is similar to this I believe is We Were Soldier… Comparing both Platoon has more focus on soldiers feeling and humanity during war time as for We Were Soldier, it is more about glory and war tactics…

My Verdict: 4/5 (Classic, Truly Classic…)