30th September 2003 marks the day I enlisted to Army… 30th September 2009 marks the day I leave the Army… Such a coincidence… 6 years apart I am finally an NSmen.

BMT Days - My Birthday


Been great in the Army in before I disrupt… training and going through all the shit with my beloved Charlie platoon 2 guys… not forgetting the good 8 weeks in BMTC where I meet some great guys… Life as a trainee sucks but memorable… Life as an Officer is great but not as memorable as before…

KTV Outing 13 (Edited)

After OCS life kind of changes. I am posted to a battalion while most of my best buddies goes to BMTC to become instructors… Lucky to know some great friends and bonds are forge from fighting against our bosses… haha… Nevertheless, I lead my own life an an Army officer e and manage to learn and grow till I disrupted for studies in NTU…

Convo_2009 (400 of 410)

4 years in NTU, a long journey… A lot of things happens… good and bad… found my life partner… lost a love one… people has changes, environment has changed… Guess this is the way of life and I manange to grow again and mature through the years…


Back to Army in May this year to finish up my service… Lucky to be posted to NDP to help on the Multimedia team… This time round, my mentality changes as I work in a more professional and mature way… Not having the bossy officer statue before… Nevertheless, I am working with people of age 19 to early 20s (Those who just enlisted)… kind of need to lead them along with my experience and professionalism.


Now, I have officially ORDed. It is now time to really embark a my next phases of life… To work hard and to get married and built my own family… Well, first of all is still to find a job… I have think though well enough throughout this 4 .5mths of National Services… It is time that I seek new experience and challenges by working in a different sector. If my skills in media can help in increasing value in my job, that will be a bonus… Nevertheless, my 7 years of media education has not just give me the skills and knowledge in multimedia, but also provide me the mental and mindset to lead, handle problems, make decision and mange people in all aspect of life.