Secrets of Forex MillionairesSecrets of Forex Millionaires
by Yeo Keong Hee

My 4th book also the 3rd book from Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG). Not that I really support him but the books from AKLTG, but they are really practical and easy to understand. Best of all it is Motivational! I always get inspired by reading their books. This book on Forex by Yeo Keong Hee is good but does not meet my expectation. Maybe, due to my intensive reading from Conrad books and other sources on trading, the things that are taught in the book like, technical indicator, trading physchology, trading style, etc. I already learnt from my 2nd and 3rd book written by Conrad. Nevertheless, it still serve a good foundation book for people who wanted to start learning about Forex. Did I even mention that I decided to move into Forex and see what I can trade in it? Yes. Guess Forex is the instrument that I am gonna to tried it out first other than stocks and bonds.