I am given a choice to choose my path when I first hit the Y junction. I totally ignore the right path and took on the left path believing it might lead me to a better future. However, after walking along the path for quite some time I realize that I might have made a wrong decision. I decided to bash through the thick vegetation hoping to get to the other side to take back the path I did not choose.

This is where I am now, trying to bash through the thick vegetation and getting lost and confuse about the surrounding at times. Am I heading the right way? Is the other path really meant for me? Or am I just being greedy and flicker minded? At times, feeling that I should just turn back, but now I am stuck in the middle totally lost. What to do? I guess the only way out is to just keep walking… walk where I don’t know… for how long, I don’t know. I might end up back in the path I last took.

I really need a map and compass to guide me through…