Back to civilian life again, wear CV everyday, OTOT. I am officially posted to Marina to help out in the multimedia team to work on the post production footages. Trying to set up my laptop so tat I can edit on it, it took me a full day just to set up due to the new format I am working on.

Save money on food since SAF provides but KFC and PIZZA HUT for lunch and dinner gonna make me fat. Super unhealthy… Poor guys who have been working there for months already. Hope the S4 can do something to the meals.

Well this year NDP will be another interesting event as alot of new things is coming up. CONFIDENTIAL. I guess I better keep this information to myself for the time being until the media briefs comments.

Sometimes life is funny, when you are trying to stop and move on to other stuff, the opportunity for the things you are going to put away kept coming up. Well I guess I need to really keep my mind and option opens till I land my first FULL TIME job. Keeping my options open…