Have a good break right after my graduation show. Took a flight to Taiwan for a good 10 days of eating, shopping and sightseeing. For the 10 days I have been eating “junk” food along the street, seldom have a proper meal.

It is nice to finally strike out two items on my wish list at once! Haha. Had a good reception for my short film and right after that gone to Taiwan. Been 6 years since I went Taiwan the last time with the Army. Taiwan had really changed a lot and is now much better then I expected, especially in Taipei. It is clean and people are friendly. Did I even mention I saw 3 filming team shooting in Taipei on 3 separate days? Woah! Their cameras are awesome, even for a small TV Variety show. Professional crew!

Now that I am back in Singapore, going to take another one week to pack up my stuff and clear the misc. stuff. Next week I am going back to the ARMY!!! To finish my remaining 4 month of service. Come to think of it, people who are enlisted later then me only serve 2 years and have already ORD way before me. For me already serve 2 years and need to finish the additional 4 months. Sian 1/2. Can’t the ARMY just give me discount? Well that is ARMY! Going back to do some NDP stuff. Sian ½ again… Together sian to the WHOLE!!!

Yah I also went to a very peaceful and tranquility shrine. Forget what is the name. Anyway, made a small donation there and pick a “note”. Well that is something that I believe I have been missing, the missing factor to my future endeavor. I really believe in what it says.


I guess I have to really open up my mind to various opportunities around me and expose myself towards the society, stepping out form my comfort zone. Anyway, For the next 2-3 years would be vital for me to kick start my career for whatever I am going to do. Therefore, I need to keep my mind and heart open and be optimistic with everything!