Woahahaha… what a nice date with your girlfriend to watch a nice funny show. A good date for Shiqi and I to celebrate our 2 yr 8 mth anniversary together with this film.

Well, this is a very colourful and clever story that is crafted around an UGLY actor. Yes! Can you imagine casting an UGLY person as a main lead? The visual is something like what I have done for my FYP short film. One thing that this film is better is the soft look they created in the film. Mine, shot on digital, lost out on this. Anyway, the story is well craft with foreshadow all the way from the start till the end. With a very nice and heart warming twist, it makes this film fulfilling to watch. However, the critque is that at certain point the film tends to be flat. If not for the colorful visual and comical shooting style, the film will just be a normal film.

My Overall Verdict: 3 or of 5 Star. Average, good film. I just like the Art Direction Style. Something I like that have been applied in most of my work. 🙂