It have been some time since I did a film review and update my blog. Finally watched Departures today. Nice show indeed. Did a documentary about funeral specialist quite sometime ago, so kind of have a very new and exciting view towards this film. This movie kind of give a different perceptive on how people view this job. Personally, being gone through this phases in life and doing quite substantial research into this area, I kind of really respect the sacrifices that this people had put in to become a funeral specialist.

Well back to the movie, it have a nice plot how ever the ending is kind of disappointing. Maybe the father should not have appear or should I say place more focus and importance of the father in the first place might help bring the last moment in the movie more touching. Overall is really beautifully crafted. Good acting from the actors, especially the girl who once appear in “Beach Boy” who is now a grown up lady acting as someone wife. Funny in the beginning and nice touching moment near the end but did not finish off well, a bit faling below my expectation. Did not even manage to make me tear. Haha…

Did I forget to mention that this film won the Best Foreign Film in this year Oscar? Haha… They have made Asia movie proud!


My Verdict: 4/5 stars (Good movie for those who have no idea behind the job of a Funeral Specialist in Japan)