Been 1 month already, it seems that I have totally lost my interest and passion for film. No mood for my FYP. Everyday I woke up early only to look at news around the world on my iphone. Switch on my computer to check on other news… Everyday, I am obsess with news, thinking of what are the cause and effects of these news.

Is this the right path I should take after I graduate? Or is this a path that is being blurred by luxury and lucrative returns? Well to go back to making films and work in this industry…Seriously, I feel that I am not suitable and I have no steam and “passion” to move on

All along, I wanted to know more about investment and trading, yet I have no time and opportunity to really learn and research more on it. Now, I have the time and I am starting to get the hook of it. Books after books, websites after websites. Hopefully, I will end up in what I really wanted to do and get back the vibes and passion in my life… I am willing to give myself a shot at it and hope that I am given a chance to shine.

The fire that have gone long ago is starting to lit up again… Blow wind Blow!!!