Finally exams have come to an end, everything that we have been working for our FYP is going to commence in less than a week time… will this make or break us? I am confidence it will be a very rewarding experience after more than a year of planning and brainstorming for ideas, political and logistical issues…

Finally the flu has hit me after times of pushing and keeping it down… it is always the case when I start to relax my mind and body sickness will starts to surface again… normally the flu bugs… I am prone to flu… arghh….

Been watching alot of films recently, but no time to give my comments to them… To keep it short… I am really impress by Korean movies… they are really good… good enough to challenge the Hollywood films… Some films I watched recently are Park Chan Wook’s Oldboy, Cut and Kim Ji Woon’s The Good, The Bad and The Weird. They are simply stylistic and awesome, they don’t only entertain but the film itself has depth and greater meaning to the current/past political and social issues. Something that is much more than I expected. If Hongkong movies are my favorites, guess Korean movies will come second.