Went for the Gala Premiere for Kallang Roar tonight at Orchard Lido. My very first movie Gala all thanks to Johnny from Canon for giving us the complementary tickets. A number of us from ADM went for the premeire, as well as seeing some familiar faces from the film industry… so cool and great to be in such events.

Anyway, back tot he review of the film and is base on my own point of view. Kallang roar is the director Chen Ding An 1st feature film. As a young ad fresh director, he do have some faults in this film. Story structure is not there, too monotonous. Too much dialouge and jokes not that funny at all, it is just lame. The scene in between the movie is too literal and it does not gel well together… What’s with father speaking English but Son speaking English in the 1977?

Talking about technical stuff, no doubt the Canon H1 had done a relatively good job with the help of Waifian system. Saw the actual footage before, it is much more better then those shown in cinema as the projector does not really produce  the nice color on a monitor screen, unless one watches it in a digital cinema or maybe on the DVD version. Also, there are too much Close up that did not give the audience space to breath. Camera work wise a bit disappointed as I know the DP, David Foo is actually a good cinematographer himself. This film does not justify his talent. Also some part the framing very funny, no space for head rooms and at times the head is cut off…

However, I should still give the credit to the director’s passion about singapore soccer. It really brings the audiences back to the days in 1977 where everyone is anticipating Singapore Lions winning the Malaysia cup. It does touches me at the soccer scene. The spirit of Singapore Soccer is present in the film. That is, I believe what the directors truly wants to convey to the audiences and he had succeed it. some how or rather I feel that this could work better if it is a documentary… 🙂

My verdict: 2/5 stars, not bad lah for a first time feature film director… 🙂