The second of the day is Rebel Without A Cause, directed by Nicholas Ray. It is about the juvenile who live in the post-war period. Being lonely, some who lose their parent during the war, get themselves into trouble. Gangs, fights, girls, trying to act strong, trying to be adult, all these kind of problem that surfaces during the post-war period that reflects strongly in this movie.

Enough about the background of the movie, indeed it is a good film with good story line and good actors. The cinematography, not bad, but one thing I notice from a scene which I can’t stop rewinding it to confirm. The extention wire cord is seen in the scene and someone outside is trying to pull it out of the way… the wire is moving… haha… most probably to light the scene as the candle is lit. Somehow the candle “light” is very fake with the spottish light being shine on the actors themselves. It looks more like a search light rather then a candle lit scene.

Well I manage to get myself hook on the film and indeed a classical master piece. Did I forget to mention my dear recommended me this film while we are at Esplanade library? Sometimes is good to appreciate old classical films for ideas. 4/5 stars for this piece of art. 🙂