The Great Shootout!!! Not a penalty shootout or anything related to soccer. It is the shoot out of different HD camera in the market. It is really educational to see the results of the different HD available in the market. In total 7 HD camerea is put to the test… Fruit Basket, Skin tone, Candlelight, Outdoor and Green Screen. In my own opinion and judgement, here are the short reviews for the camreas…

This 35mm camera is awesome which performs well in all kind of condition and situation. 35mm is solid and no Digital HD camera can suppress it. You are still the champion

The RED 4K HD camera is really fantastic. Everyone in the industry is talking about it. No doubt it creates a smooth and clean look on screen. However, One should take care of the dark areas as it does not provide much details. Guess this are some common problem in Digital Camcorder. It ranks 2nd in my opinion.

3. Canon H1 on WAFIAN
A dark horse that shines among the big brothers. The image created is clean and nice. The only thing is that the highlight is not that stable. Easily burn. If the highlight and the whites are well controlled, WAFIAN can be a goo choice for lower budget shoots. 3rd in place

The rest of the 4 camera I did not really ranked them but here are some short reviews.

Panasonic Ag-HPX502
Well it provides a very warm look to the image. Nothing impressive compare to the rest.

Panasonic Ag-HVX202 with Letus Extreme Adaptor
Cool stuff. Used it before with the Adaptor. It really do create a film look to the image. However, compare to the rest of the power mama camera it lost out a lot in dark scene. In the outdoor shoot, it really shows it’s capability. The camera and Adapter together is consider much much cheaper then the rest of the HD camera. For a low budget shoot, this is the man! 

ARRIFLEX 16mm SR3 Advanced
Can’t judge. Some problem with the dark scene. Too grainy. However, it works well in the outdoor shoot.

SONY HDW F900R with Pro35 PS Technik
Can’t Judge. Focus Problem with the PS Technik.