Well, striking one more item out of the Wish List. Haha… been spending a lot this year and it is only July, not yet end of the year… First is my Mac Book Pro, follow by Printer, now a DSLR camera. Most probably by the end of this year or beginning of next year, I am going to give a shot at the iPhone. I can consider myself a gadget gig… haha… after buying some many gadgets.

So, I did spend another $1,499 for the Canon 450D. A small and light camera that fits me well… especially for travel and my small palm which fits the grip perfectly! Brought it at Plaza Singapura at a very good Deal.

Standard Package:
– Camera Body & Kit Lens
– 4 GB SD Card
– Battery
– EOS Workbook III
– Camera Bag

Additional Stuff
– 4GB SD Card
– Battery 
– Tripod
– Lens Cleaning Kit
– Card Reeder
– LCD Screen Protector
– Dry Box

Guess that makes up what an entry level photographer, like me, need. Anyway, I really hope to start of my cinematography career from shooting stills and building my foundation in lighting and framing. I really do treat it like an investment where I have confidence of seeing returns in the near future. 🙂