Well, not a fan of Batman, but The Dark Knight is really a good movie that worth the money! Batman himself is very “human” and “normal” to me compare to other super heroes like spiderman, x-men, etc. However, that’s was also the reason why my girlfriend like him so much, because he s “real”. Well, Good and Bad, nevertheless it is a great movie to watch.

No doubt, this film should must really credit to “The Joker” cast by the late Heath Ledger. He really give life to this “new” joker. I still remember the joker I used to watch who is casted by Jack Nicholson. His version of Joker is a clean and smart looking joker. However, Heath Ledger joker is more of a carzy, dirty, rugged joker. Frankly speaking, I like the new joker. I do really feel that he is someone that live in this world. Heath Ledger had done a good job bringing this character to life! Someone who wanted to prove things wrong!

In the end, for this 2.5 hr movie I will give it a 4.5/5 rating.  A Movie that is better then I expected!