If you are going into the cinema hoping to watch a serious epic war movie, think twice. This new John Woo movie 赤壁 is a commercial film made to sell to the international box office, especially to the Hollywood. It is surprising that you can find humor and jokes among the historian Three Kingdom character. It makes the movie lose it authenticity of  the charm and power of Three Kingdom story.

Nevertheless, John Woo still did a good job in hiring talent from Korea, Japan and Hollywood to help in VFX and SFX for the film. Battle was nicely done, the sets was nicely built, costume wise ok except for the funny looking war helmet they are wearing that makes Tony Leung looks like a nerd.

Well, so much so for the critic for the movie, it is solely from my own opinion.

Overall, I still give it a 3.5/5 stars… maybe 4/5 if I was expecting a comedy kind of war epic movie. 🙂