Finally got hold of the movie 集结号 (Assembly). The first time I saw the trailer was in China last December. The trailer was so captivating that I tell myself I want to watch it. Too bad, due to time constraint I only manage to watch 头名状 instead. Well, lucky my current intern boss have the disc so I borrow from him to watch.

It is really a very good war film by the chinese film. Together with the experts from korea in effects and demolition, it makes the whole movie very realistic. 冯小刚 is a well known director from china and he had really make a mark for his predecessor to follow. I can say that the quality of image is no less better then those hollywood war movies. One thing that is good about the film is that it has a lot of human emotion and conflicts in it. Other then just showing war heroes, human factor and emotions plays a major role in the script and storyline.

A very good war movie that goes up to my war of fame movie listing. As a fan for war movie, Assembly have not only bring glory to chinese cinema but will definitely spur up more war films in the future, just like what the hollywood have done for their WWII stories.

My reviews 5/5 stars