Just finish watching Hommage A’Noir by a german filmmaker, Ralf Schmerberg. I got a chance to watch this DVD from my current internship boss who is an avid collector of documentary films. He recommended me to watch this black and white film with no dialogue, only visuals and music.

Well, I got a chance to watched the film today, particularly impress with the way the black and white footage are being shoot both on stills and video. The degree of light a film could capture is greatly shown in this film. The white and blacks are clearly defined with details. It is not easy to shoot on black and white and not easy to shoot dark skin african in their bright day light. Visual and technical wise it is a good film.

However, not a fan of arty farty film, the use of visuals with music somehow fails to impress me and kept me captivated. Well, this is from my own opinion. My verdict 2/5 stars. 🙂