Started intership at 360 production house on 5th May. It had only been a week, yet I gone thru pre-production and 4 days production phase. It is good to work with the people in 360 and also the boss is quite a friendly and approachable. He even encourage ask to ask him question and things if time permits. working schedule is very flexible as long u get work done. Cool indeed!

Well, just finish the 4th Episode of a 10 part Episode docu-drama. Though not fully involved in the pre-production plan, we actually help out in what ever we can and especially the 4 days production shoot. Frankly speaking, the production shoot is tiring, there is less crew in a docu-drama compare to feature film, each person takes on multi roles and worst is that I am down on a flu… a flu that I have been controlling and avoiding during the semester.

However, is good that I manage to work thru out the 4 days and really learn a lot i terms of camera works, lighting and directing… It is lucky for me to know the professionals from the industry. They are really nice people and is good for me, a newbie to start off learning from nice people rather then those bad tempered and mean one. It is really nice meeting and working with them. Young, energetic UNCLES! Haha…

Yeah, tml off day! I gonna sleep enough and get back my energy!!!