Today or I should say yesterday (11th May) is Mother’s Day. Looking at ads and people bringing their mum’s going for dinner makes me miss my mum. Well, it is the first time in my whole life that I need not have to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mum.

Still remember last year I still brought her out for a sumptuous dinner together with Dad, Bro and Grandma. This year, well, I could do nothing… also, yesterday have a shoot that ends quite late, or else, I will a least bring my grandma out for dinner…

During this special day, I really do hope that she is living well in the “other” place.

Haha… happen to fond this picture, however not taken on Mother’s Day but last year my Mum’s 50th Birthday. My grandma’s birthday was also celebrated at the same time since it is near to my mum’s birthday. Thanks to my dear who is the photographer for the day.