Last sunday was a terrific experience and all thanks to Michael for inviting Shiqi and I to the Singapore International Film Festival 2008. It is great to attend such a award ceremony where most of the film industry people will be attending, a great eye opener. Well, as I have blogged earlier, Lincoln and Michael have been nominated for the top 7 finalist in the short film competition, so is great to see my fellow school mate being recognised for their work.

Anyway, Good News! Michael have won the Best Jury Award for his short film “Wet Seasons”, though in school his work is spell as “Wet Season” without the “s”. Lincoln though did not win but I feel by having nominated is already a very good thing. Winning is a bonus. In the end, both of them did get their credits and people starts to know them, guess that is good as people will start to approach them for future works and projects.

Ok, I’m gonna aim high now, continue to work hard and I believe someday I might have a chance to officially attend the ceremony as nominees as well. Jiayou! To me and all the other filmmakers in ADM. Let’s make a hit in the the local film industry that we are a bunch of Gung-Ho Filmmaker ready to rock the industry!