Watched “Three Kingdom: Resurrection of the Dragon” today… It was a nice movie with Andy Lau starring as “Zhao Zhi Long” who we normally known as “Zhao Yun”.

It is a nice epic war movie with good emotional and war scene. The battle of wits among advisor and general is something that I really like about epic war movie. Able to predict the future and win over your enemy… So Cool…

Well, this movie makes me think a lot as a person, in this vibrant media industry… you never know who will betray you… who is genuine… it makes me think deeper…

Remembered someone recently said: “朋友是朋友, 工作时是工作…”

In the movie, Andy Lau said, “我不为谁而战, 我为自己而战…”

This two sentence makes me think and question about the people around me as well as the purpose behind my work… Is it for other people? Or is it for myself?