Tata… finally got my new weblog up… still figuring out how to use this wordpress functions… I can say definitely better than blogspot… just want give a new life to my blog… happen to came across wordpress and finds it really cool and user friendly…

Anyway, finally finish my school stuff… been a very busy semester but a fulfilling one… Can see myself and my friends around me all improved… The end of semester show for films are great! Too bad I did not took any photos… Also, a couple of things need to be done before I go for the Cannon Wildlife Expedition trip in China (11/12 – 27/11)

1. Update my Portfolio
2. Preparation for Expedition
3. Meet up with my friends (Sorry for MIA for about a 2 months)
4. Get back to Shape
5. Spent more time at home alone and with my family (To reflect and do some planning)